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is an Environmentally Sustainable Design Consultancy
that draws together PassivHaus Professionals
with expertise in:

  • Engineering
  • Sustainability Design 
  • Architecture
  • Town Planning
  • Technology
  • Business, and Finance
  • Building Construction

all with a single passion to deliver for our clients
building solutions based on the world’s 
premier energy efficiency and sustainability standard

PassivHaus is the world’s premier energy efficiency and sustainability standard

Home Owners

We provide home owners with advice on new and existing projects.  We can provide cost-benefit analysis, training and information on PassivHaus building components and services.


We work closely with architects and designers refining design concepts, and providing a range of services including energy usage and heat-loss and heat-gain analysis based on the PassivHaus standard.  


We provide training for work teams, and support builders and developers in creating project schedules to include quality testing milestones appropriate for external quality certification.


We work closely with Commonwealth, State and Local government organisations in implementing sustainable and energy efficient projects.  Services include training, business case development, milestone review, client representation, and stakeholder engagement.